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Welcome to LiveJournal

Welcome my little friends/minions :3 I wanted to make a special journal to go with my fiancee lhascuppycake for those of you who don't know me my journal is:


I am moving to a new, updated journal that will be dealing with mostly fangirling~ but also have some pretty personal stuff~ so feel free to follow!!! Just click the link!

Nerd!BlainexCheerio!Kurt Fic

P.I.E. Popularity Isn't Everything

Kurt has a unpleasant surprise waiting for him when he gets called in to Sue's office. Will he and Blaine ever get along?

Nerd!BlainexCheerio!Kurt M for later


Just seeing if..

anyone is still here XD?? I missed everyone!

Interviews on the hawt kiss~!

Who can resist their playful flirting? Makes me wish they were an IRL item XD

For the squee worthy interviews..Collapse )

Well I'm fucked...XD;;

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And my recent new obsession.

Togainu No Chi


They are fucking hot *u*


I found out the other day it WAS my friend who commited suicide...this is in rememberance of my friend:

Sara Catherine Jolley passed away Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011.Sara Catherine was a beloved daughter, sister and friend to many. She was born in Chattanooga, on April 28, 1994 to Laura Ferguson Jolley and Edgar Madison Jolley Jr.Survivors include her parents, Laura and Ed Jolley; her sister, Carolyn Jolley; her brothers, Ed Jolley and Zach Jolley; her grandparents, Lavonne Jolley of Signal Mountain, and Sara and Charles Ferguson, of Great Falls, S.C. She also leaves behind her aunts, uncles, cousins, and a multitude of beloved friends.She was predeceased by her grandfather, Edgar M. Jolley Sr.; and her uncle, Jack Ferguson.Sara Catherine was a junior at Signal Mountain High School, where she enjoyed theatre and the arts. Sara Catherine was outgoing, compassionate, empathetic, supportive, and graciously and generously opened her heart to those in need of friendship. While optimistic and cheerful, Sara Catherine also displayed a strong spirit and determination for what she believed. Sara Catherine loved her family and was deeply loved by them.Sara Catherine loved nature, all of God's creatures and especially her family dogs. She enjoyed and loved her time at Camp Vesper Point and her friends and customers at Pruetts. She looked forward to spending fun times with friends, listening to good music and considering future plans and life goals.

Rest in peace my dear friend...You will be missed very much..

and I hope to others that have considered commiting suicide or know someone who has..PLEASE don't wait to get them help..I feel like if I had been there for her more...she may never have considered killing herself over her boyfriend..so please, even if you don't think it's a big deal, if someone seems depressed, don't hesitate to get them help.

Here are the National Suicide Hotline Prevention numbers: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

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